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Sarajevo Girls Photo

Sarajevo is one of the most interesting historic cities in Europe. It is the place where Western and Eastern Roman Empire split, where the people of West Catholic.

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Beware of taxi or train station and airport bus. The famous “taxi scam” works in Sarajevo, where unsuspecting tourists to take a more expensive hotel than he or she has requested

Sarajevo beautiful girls photo

The siege of Sarajevo, which was popularly known, was an episode of such a reputation in the conflict in former Yugoslavia to be back to World War II to a parallel in European history to find. Since then he had a professional army carried out a ruthless campaign of violence against people.

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Surrounded by hills and mountains and located in the valley of the river Miljatska, Sarajevo is a beautiful site often admired by intellectuals and people of all races. the crisis in Yugoslavia deepened after adoption of amendments to the Serbian Constitution that the government allowed.
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